Using this IDE, you will create an interactive map of optical fiber connections. Hundreds of cables and thousands of fibers can be arranged to make the design easy to use. You can trace the path from point to point both on a logical map and on a physical one (Google Map) and get data on the total length of the path and individual sections.
Commutators, splitters, junction boxes, panels, ONU
  • relocatable ports/connectors
  • port/connector alignment modes
  • rotations
  • changeable picture
  • up to 96 fibers
  • multicolor fibers
  • create your own fiber color sequences
  • multimode cables
  • cable lengths for trace the path
  • very big schemes
  • scaling
  • loading when panning
  • bookmarks
  • collection of schematic templates
  • export as json
  • export as png
  • import from json
Google map